Dear Shopper,

We hope you and your families are in good health and staying safe during this unprecedented time. We at Kosher Gourmet are doing our best to serve you and the Toronto Community through this crisis as best as we can and to make sure everyone is healthy and well-fed.

We thank you for utilizing our online services during these unprecedented times. In the past we have accepted orders of any kind to be emailed or submitted via text/WhatsApp messages. 

As we soft launch our new website, we ask that you shop our items and attempt to purchase all that you need exclusively using this website. If there is something you cannot find, feel free to email us at and, if in stock, we will add it to your final online order.

We will supply all orders to the fullest, however, due to shortages caused by the current circumstances, there may be items on your list that are not in stock. If an item(s) is missing from your order, please note that we are in fact out of stock on that item (and there was no obvious substitution available). You will only be charged for what you order, and your order may not be able to be filled in full at this time. Thank you very much for your understanding.

For any further inquiries please email us at and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible. Once again, we thank you for choosing Kosher Gourmet and we wish you and your family the best of health during these difficult times and always.


AJ & The Staff at Kosher Gourmet